My name is Alex Castellanos. I am an artist, musician, and graphic designer in Denver, CO. I seek to combine all of these in various forms and find the ways they relate and inspire each other. The Lotus Operation is umbrella that I put all of this under. I love Denver's creative scene and connecting the dots between all of the great artists and disciplines here.

My graphic design interests are widely varied, but most of my work is either scientific or related to music. I am interested in developing affordable designs for musicians, especially in Denver. Posters, clothing, album artwork, key chains, whatever you are making, I want to help.

My artwork is mainly sculpture using paper, wood, brass, and a wide variety of found objects. I also work with paint, watercolor, and drawing media. My sculptures are currently focused on animals. I have shown at several galleries in Denver, including Cabal Gallery, Edge Gallery, Spark Gallery, Studio 12, Kanon Art, and Artwork Network. I am open to commissions and would be happy to discuss what you'd like to see.

Musically, I am focused on vocals, but I write and record guitar, bass, piano, and more. I am always working on music, but do not release much of it. I was heavily involved in Mile High Improv Night and often perform with Ghost Pulse. Much of my public work has been guest appearances on songs and live collaborations, including improvised vocals and drums.Get in touch if you'd like to discuss a collaboration of any sort.

Photo by Grace Castellanos of Acoma Street Photography